Amazon continues to $30 discount on Kindle devices till Cyber Monday Deals 2015

If you’re a bookworm of the newer so called digital generations, then you most likely use an e-reader to access and read all your favourite books in digital form. On Cyber Monday all e-reader users can get their hands on Amazon’s Kindle which will be available at a few amazing deals.

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle, is the most budget friendly e-reader available on Amazon, so as you can imagine, Cyber Monday deals will drop the price at the point where you can buy without even thinking about it too much. The Kindle is eminent for its e-paper technology based touchscreen which makes it look and feel exactly like paper. It is thanks to this technology that sunlight doesn’t seem to affect the device at all. Other helpful features include Goodreads integration, Vocabulary Builder, and Word Wise.

What’s more impressive is the size, which is compact and small enough, to even fit in your pockets!

And compared to the previous model, this one has 20% more processing power leading to better page turns and overall performance while you will also find doubled storage.

If you like what you just read, then you can own it $49.99. Amazon is also making a deal bundle that includes a 2-year accident protection along with a Kindle case for $69.99.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi and Kindle Paperwhite 3G

That is a brand new Kindle model with an outstanding resolution and the same e-paper technology as the Kindle described above.

To have more fun, you can use Bookerly, the new font that that is integrated into the Paperwhite and adds to the whole e-Reader a more book-like touch.

And with its battery you can go up to 6 weeks with a single charge, a feature that may surprise you even more when you consider that there are features such as adjustable light and anti-glare enabling, which are highly battery consumptive.


At a great on hand sized design, The Wi-Fi variant sells for $99.99, whereas the Wi-Fi+ 3G variant sells for $169.99.

Amazon Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi

As the name suggests, the Kindle Voyage embodies everything you may possibly need on a trip and in fact a long lasting one too!

Being the most advanced e-reader designed by Amazon up to date, the Kindle Voyage packs every fanatic reader’s dream. Excellent resolution combined with a sense identical to that of a book. You might get tempted to smell the device just to make sure there’s not an actual book inside.

The device is also the thickest between the three, thus exaggerating the irony of putting 500 pages in a metal box that has the thickness of less than 10-15 pages. You can find on Amazon at $199.99 on Cyber Monday.

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