Amazon Aims To Employ 1,000 Techies In India

Amazon is seeking to take into service more than 1,000 individuals, mostly software developers, in the country. The employment will largely cater to development as well as for the various departments of the company comprising,, and the devices business. It also contains Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing department of the company. The firm claimed to the media that its process of hiring was restricted only by the accessibility of talent in the needed technologies and it was hunting to take into service as many as achievable.

Amazon website listed 1,245 open jobs in the country on its careers page as of this week. It has almost 50,000 individuals under its hand in the nation. India is presently the 2nd largest labor force center for the company after the U.S. All over the world, it has 3,41,000 workers.

Amazon Aims To Employ 1,000 Techies In India

“The figures are astounding and mind boggling. We are seeing at a completely operational tech organization in the country and are employing varied skills across various families of job. India is a huge area to focus for talent all over the world,” Director of Software Development at Amazon India, Dale Vaz, claimed to the media in an interview. It is hunting for talent in technology sectors such as data analytics, research scientists, artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and Android developers.

AWS is the most profitable business unit of Amazon. It is hunting to take into service almost 195 individuals in the country. Amongst the open job positions, 403 are in Hyderabad, 557 are in Bengaluru, and 149 are in Chennai. “We process a huge chunk of data and are seeking continuously for profiling and data processing engineers,” Vaz further added to his statement.

The center in the city of Bengaluru is the largest in the country for Amazon. The center in Chennai aims on devices such as Fire and Kindle. The recruitment figure for Bengaluru single handedly is more as compared to any other center located out of the border of the U.S.

Let us see if this brings a relief amid job slashes in India.

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