AdBlock Plus releases ad-blocking browser for iOS and Android

AdBlock Plus web ad-blocking software development company has released a new ad-blocking browser for devices running Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS.

Despite the numerous so-called ad-blocking browsers out there, few of them actually work properly. AdBlock Plus has proved its true quality on computers as well as on Android as, before the app was pulled off the Play Store.

New features!

The new AdBlock Plus browser offers an advanced ad-blocking feature that will protect you from the rather annoying pop-up ads, malicious website and advertisements. Subsequently, websites load much faster, which also drains battery and data significantly slower.

Another two new cool features is the option to disable tracking (i.e. cookies) as well as create whitelists for web pages on which you do not have a problem viewing their advertisements- something that has been available on the computer version for a long time now.

Google doesn’t really like AdBlock…

A bad omen for the Android app is the relationship between Google and AdBlock, as the search giant does not favor a software that essentially blocks its ad system -AdSense.

Several other apps on the Play Store have reported to Google that AdBlock had been blocking their revenue and other features, hence the company’s decision to remove it from its app store.

Safari on iOS 9 is a challenge

Another challenge that the AdBlock browser will be facing concerns the upcoming iOS 9 which will be including a respective feature built-in to the browser. Now that ad-blocking has been integrated to Safari, AdBlock has not made really clear to the public regarding where its own app excels whereas the iOS counterpart doesn’t.

AdBlock Plus has mentioned that besides the ad-blocking capabilities, its new web browser comes with much more smoother and faster scrolling, enhanced keyboard and easier bookmarking compared to Safari.

Judging from the current computer version, the company usually lives up to its promises hence you should definitely give the new app a try. You can download the AdBlock Plus browser for free directly from the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play.


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