Xiaomi reveals 60-inch 4K TV for US$800

BEIJING, CHINA- Xiaomi Inc. The Chinese tech giant has launched its own 60-inch TV with 4K resolution whose display is made by LG, priced at US$800.

Xiaomi has a strict pricing policy that follows up to the letter and luckily for the company it seems to be working out pretty well so far. The Chinese tech giant has already shaken to the core the smartphone industry, by releasing to the markets high-quality smartphones at midrange prices.

Now, during an effort to expand even further, and shake the smart TV industry, Xiaomi will circulate a 60-inch 4K smart TV that does not exceed the price of $800.

In more details, the goal is to bring out a large-screen TV with ultra-high-definition 4K resolution at 4,999 yuan (roughly $785, AU$1,075 or ‎£510). “The average price for a 60-inch 4K display is often more than double that in China,” Lei added.

So far so good. Just the price next to the specs could get anyone’s attention. But some are still skeptic concerning the quality of the product. To those, Xiaomi answers with an innovative approach to upgrades.

Here’s where the good stuff begins: Almost all smart TVs have embodied their electronics and speakers into the frame, whereas Xiaomi’s new MiTV has its motherboard and processor fitted into a detachable speaker. This means that the TV’s connection ports are located on a separate speaker instead of the display.

Simply put, thanks to the detachable speaker, owners will one day be able to upgrade their smart-TVs without having to buy a whole new TV in their place; much like Samsung’s Evolution Kit. You can also purchase the detachable speaker as a standalone device to attach to an existing TV for 999 yuan (around $155, AU$215 or ‎£100).

According to research firm Canalys, Xiaomi has been China’s top smartphone vendor since the second quarter of 2015, while based on further info from TrendForce, in the third quarter, it has been ranked fourth in the world for smartphone shipments.

That’s an extraordinary achievement, though, as the company’s smartphones are not available yet in the States, Europe or Australia, while other products, such as the Mi Band and the Mi Headphones, are.

In the same way, the MiTV is Xiaomi’s third TV but its first 60-inch one. The display comes from LG and is fitted in a metal frame, a mere 36.7mm at its thickest point. For those of you who would like to try out the MiTV, there’s a dead end. You probably need to wait until the product reaches your country or find another way around it. Regardless, it’s a wise choice and a great product to have.


Image credit: Crave Online

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