3 Questions That Convey About the Situation of Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have created a huge competition among the technology giants. Though some renowned names had already displayed their potential in the technology, the title of supremacy will only be awarded if their vehicles come out to be totally reliable and smart enough to roam the streets without human hands.

Autonomous technology is the only topic that can be heard and seen in the news and blogs. It has created a huge chaos among the people.
Below are some of the commonly raised inquisitive related to the autonomous technology that we have tried to explain.

3 Questions That Convey About the Situation of Autonomous Vehicles

When can we expect the autonomous vehicles ready for service?

A majority of the tech giants have already brought their practical models of autonomous vehicles on road. But almost every player will hesitate to say that our car is ready to roll autonomously. Various states in the U.S. have permitted the autonomous vehicle companies to test their cars on the public roads.
So the solution to your question is: driver-less cars can already be seen but full-fledged autonomous cars are yet to be commercially rolled out. It might take more three years to witness Level 4 vehicles on roads.

What is restraining the roll out of the autonomous vehicles?

Converting a normal human–driven car into autonomous need loads of alteration and modification in the basic driving mechanism; obviously, it comes with the integration of hardware such as processors, radar systems, GPS modules, and loads of high definition cameras. The challenge of developing or procuring this hardware is its expensiveness and in terms of software, is its unreliable results based on which the companies can’t make a full proof commitment that vehicle is safe. Thus, to achieve the desired results and confidence the cars will need to travel million of miles, which the developers are currently performing.

When will be the autonomous cars out for sale and of which brand?

It’s pretty hard to predict the exact date, the automaker, or the technology player but as per the trending details, it has been said that the automakers will be able to make Level 4 autonomous vehicles by 2021 or so on. But in the first place, it will be too expensive for the normal customers and it might be limited only to the commercial fleet owners such as Lyft and Uber.

So, the chances of rolling autonomous cars for the retail customers, for now, are very low but in future, we might get a ride for sure.

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