Availing e-Bay’s Mobile App Easily

People embrace whatever aspects that reduce their workload. At present accomplishing tasks quickly and conserving time is been seen as a necessity. Time-saving is a vital aspect. Mobile apps are becoming an indispensable feature of the present generation, as they are completely integrated with them. People of late are purchasing items online from anywhere with … Read more

Google’s Digital assistant: now for Android phones too

Digital assistant, which is also referred as a virtual assistant, is a program that can comprehend natural language and accomplish electronic tasks for the user. Recently, Google Alphabet Inc has declared the launch of its digital assistant to smartphones that operate on the most recent version of the Android operating system, thus greatly escalating its … Read more

Things to expect from the new Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the ruling organization in charge for supervision of the implementation and development of Bluetooth standards, has revealed details corresponding to fifth version of Bluetooth. The new rule is a reasonable upgrade over the current Bluetooth (version 4.2) edition, accessible in almost all of smartphones and other handset devices these days. Bluetooth … Read more

Chuck those premium streaming sites and enjoy these free online movie sources

Is boredom killing you? Wish to watch some movies online but the premium streaming sites are charging for their services and you don’t wish to spend some? There are some best alternatives to skip these chargeable entertainment sources. These free movie sites will just cost you your popcorn and internet connection. Hoopla Digital Hoopla is … Read more