Technologies that interact with the human brain

Ever thought of something that can make our neural system faster, stronger, smarter and even calm the signals running under the skull at just a button push? There are technology companies working on some brain hacking technologies since a couple of years. The companies believe that soon there will be next phase of human evolution.
Below are some of the companies that are busy building these mind-boggling technologies.

Started by the electrifying business tycoon Elon Musk, the company aims to merge the human brain with the computers. The company’s website states that it is building brain–machine interfaces based on ultra high bandwidth to link the human brain with computers. This means it can correspond with infinite people by transmitting your thoughts.

DARPA RAM sensor

The secretive research branch of Defence department is working on brain sensor technology. The DARPA’s Restoring Active Memory integrated with the sensor interprets the signal received from the brain and powers neurons to fight against memory loss. As per the details, scientists associated with the organization are working on an implantable device that can trigger the neural stimulation and restore the memories.

A Boston-based firm is building a software-based platform to control the brain. It will be useful for those developers who intend to control VR and AR with the thoughts. So chuck the voice commands or Oculus Touch Controller and steer around with thoughts with any number of devices. The application of this technology can be functioning of an oven or controlling the lights through your thinking.


The Muse headband wouldn’t link you with the computers but will help your brain to reduce anxiety and stress using an array of brain wave signals. Muse also utilizes feedback signals to convey the level of calmness and activeness. It comes with the integrated app that is compatible with the smartphones and tablets to track and improvise the action.

Emotive is neuroheadset that enables a user to send intentional thoughts to connected devices. It scans your brain, identifies the signal using an Emotiv EEG device, and later by thinking makes movements to build a toy car and many other applications. The working of the device suits perfectly for the people with physical disabilities.

Though the technologies are under development for now but it you don’t have to wait longer for the experience as researchers and scientist are curiously trying to bring those things practically for human application.

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