Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date: Tablet with Kaby Lake coming early 2017

Surface Pro 5 release date

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will most likely be unveiled between March and June 2017. The tablet, which has been doing rounds in the rumor mills for quite some time, will be integrated with Intel Kaby Lake processor. It is expected that Intel will probably launch the new processor before April 30. There were reports that the … Read more

Microsoft acquires artificial intelligence startup Genee to compete with Google and Apple

Microsoft AI

Microsoft has acquired artificial intelligence startup Genee for an undisclosed amount. According to analysts, Microsoft is planning to embed artificial intelligence (AI) to its upcoming products to compete with the likes of Google Now and Apple. Even though the financial details were not disclosed, the founder of the smart scheduling app Genee Charles Lee will … Read more

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 update to resolve battery issue, soon!

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 update

There have been consistent complaints by the owners of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 about the tablet’s miserable battery issues. The device suffers rapid battery drainage at random moments. Microsoft has just announced that the annoying problem can be solved just by a software update. The company assured that the update is ready and being tested … Read more

MIT and Microsoft Research creates DuoSkin smart tattoo that turns skin into touchpad

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in partnership with Microsoft Research has created a smart tattoo named DuoSkin. It is a wearable gadget that can be affixed to the skin. When worn, DuoSkin will look similar to that of a normal tattoo but functions like a smart device. It has an ability to convert the … Read more

Microsoft HoloLens up for sale in the US and Canada for $3000

Microsoft HoloLens

Do you have $3000 lying around somewhere? If you had answered this query yes, you should consider buying HoloLens development kit. Microsoft has thrown open the sales of the HoloLens development kit to anyone in the US or Canada. According to analysts, the move by Microsoft just on the day of the release of Window 10 Anniversary … Read more

Microsoft job cut of 4700 employees means exit from smartphone business?

microsoft job cuts

Microsoft has announced more job cuts are on the anvil as the company struggles to come to terms with its loss-making, market share losing mobile hardware division. And as a direct fallout of that, 2,850 will be served pink slips by the middle of 2017, which comes on the back of a similar announcement made early … Read more

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 battery drain issue to resolve with software patch soon

Surface Pro 3 battery

Microsoft has confirmed the battery drain issues that has been dogging some Surface Pro 3 owners is a software glitch and that it can be fixed with a suitable patch. The Redmond-based company, however, stopped short of committing to a specific launch window for the said software fix. Experts though believe it could be part … Read more