Palestine removal from Google Maps sparks outrage

In a sudden development, Google has replaced Palestine with Israel on the Google Maps application. This has sparked outrage from several people across the world. Condemning the action taken by Google on July 25, the Palestinian Journalists Forum accused the search engine giant of being part of the Israeli scheme to establish its name as … Read more

Uber developing its own Map service like Google Maps with $500M investment


According to reports, Uber will pump $500 million in a bid to end its dependency on Google Maps and other similar services. The development assumes great relevance in the wake of the recent disclosure by Uber’s advanced technologies chief Brian McClendon about the possibility of company’s mapping ambitions. In the meantime, Uber has already mapped … Read more

New Google Maps update for iOS brings traffic alerts

Google Inc. has just released an update for the iOS variant of Maps, which finally incorporates the traffic alerts feature that Apple users have been longing for since it rolled out to the Android counterpart. Traffic alerts might seem as a negligible update, though, at its core, it is substantially vital, since it lets the … Read more