YouTube video claims that Facebook Inc. is ‘STEALING BILLIONS OF VIEWS’ from content creators

A video that was recently uploaded to Google’s YouTube that accuses Facebook of stealing billions of views annually has started going viral on the web, while it also receives support from content creators and front running names of the tech industry. The aforementioned video that was produced by Munich-based YouTube channel and design studio Kurzgesagt, … Read more

Instagram launches Boomerang video app

PALO ALTO, CA- Instagram The popular photo sharing application has just announced its latest video making app called Boomerang. Following Snapchat’s update from last month, where it added rainbows coming out of users’ mouths and charged $1 to replay three snaps, Instagram has just launched its latest app called Boomerang. MUST READ:¬†Snapchat charges $1 to … Read more

Facebook tests video feed to challenge Google’s YouTube

PALO ALTO, CA- Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) The social networking giant is making waves to the video streaming field, that way challenging rival Google’s YouTube video service. Facebook seems to be through an era of changes and major updates that give the users new ways to use their favourite social network. One could even say … Read more