Apple Inc. shuts down Beats Music on November 30, following Apple Music launch

Apple Inc. has officially announced that it will be shutting down Beats Music streaming service on November 30, following the release of its home-brewed Apple Music counterpart. It has been merely a year since Cupertino acquired rap artist’s, Dr. Dre, world renowned music streaming and products brand, Beats, whose headphones have turned into an expensive fashion accessory … Read more

Apple Music for Apple TV gets Siri Search support in 2016

Apple has just confirmed that Apple Music for Apple TV will be integrated with Siri Search in early 2016. Back in June, during WWDC 2015, Apple revealed a slew of new software goodness, including Mac OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 desktop and mobile operating systems respectively. In addition to these two, Cupertino went … Read more

Record Labels Unhappy With Apple Music Contracts

A number of record labels have been vocally protesting the contracts that Apple is requiring for the record labels to participate in the company’s Apple Music venture. The record labels say that Apple is requiring conditions that would harm the record labels financially while reducing the amount that Apple pays to stream their music. The … Read more