Post-Cyber Monday DEALS on all variants of Amazon Fire tablets bring sweet discounts

Amazon’s Fire tablets might not be the hottest ones when it comes to design and specs, though they are irrefutably very practical and affordable for their respective price range. Black Friday and Cyber Monday might belong to the past now, though the pre-Christmas holy spirit has kicked in Amazon for days now, since the Seattle-based … Read more

Best Cyber Monday Week Deals on Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3

Best Cyber Monday Deals on Microsoft Surface

Cyber Monday is gone but Cyber Monday Deals week continues and it is that time of the year where you can get very good deals on gadgets, like laptops, cameras, tablets, TVs etc. Like many other manufacturers, Microsoft has also offered some pretty amazing deals on the Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4. … Read more

Cyber Monday Phone Deals: Value for money smartphones up to 50% off on list price

Cyber Monday Phone Deals

For purchasing new electronics, Cyber Monday, Cyber Monday and the days between them are possibly the best time where you can catch a good deal. In this article, we will be covering deals on No-Contract phones at Please note that on all these no-contract phones, there will be a 50% off. LG Optimus Exceed … Read more

Cyber Monday Deals on Smartphones Cases and Covers: Galaxy S6, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus cases on discount

Smartphone accessories have flooded the market and getting the perfect cases and covers has become a challenge for the buyers. There are options available in the market, but Cyber Monday is just the best time to buy cases and covers for the iPhones, Galaxy Tabs, and iPads. With deals pouring in from retailers like Best … Read more

Cyber Monday Deals: up to 40% off on External Hard Drives from Seagate, WD, Toshiba, and Transcend

Cyber Monday Deals on Hard Drives

For all those looking for some extra storage option, hard drives are a safe bet. Cyber Monday is just the right time to buy hard drives as there are great discounts on offer on top brands like Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital and Samsung. Online retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Newegg, are the top sellers … Read more

Cyber Monday Deals on Fitness Bands: Fitbit, Microsoft Band, Jawbone, Misfit, and Garmin trackers on Sale

Fitness Bands Deals on Cyber Monday

Are you font of fitness and athletic activities? If so, then you must be after a loyal and helpful fitness band to help you get through your workout and improve your performance by monitoring several variables and keeping track of your scores among other features. So today, on Cyber Monday, it’s your chance to get … Read more

Cyber Monday Deals on LG smartphones: LG G4, G3, Optimus, and more on discounts

Cyber Monday Deals on LG smartphones

Stop thinking before buying the LG smartphones as Cyber Monday is here with some exceptional deals for the buyers. When it comes to shopping online for a smartphone, Best Buy, Amazon and other retailers are offering huge discounts and gift cards today till midnight. Enjoy the holiday season with a brand new LG smartphone for … Read more

Motorola Moto X Pure, Moto G, Moto E unlocked Cyber Monday deals now live on Amazon

When it comes to buying a smartphone, buyers need not go to a shop but just visit online retailers for some great deals. Cyber Monday is just what smartphone buyers were waiting for. Whopping discounts on the Motorola smartphones are just what any buyer wants. Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, CostCo and Staples offer some amazing … Read more

Cyber Monday Deals on 4K LED TVs: Samsung, LG, Vizio, Panasonic, Toshiba, & Sharp TVs up to 50% Off

Cyber Monday Deals on 4K LED TVs

For those looking to buy the latest technology 4k LED TVs, Cyber Mondayis here with some great offers and savings. Best Buy, Amazon, Staples, Target and many other online retailers have on offer amazing deals on 4K LED TVs and buying a TV set online is a better option that shelling out more dollars at … Read more