Nintendo Wii U Splatoon and Super Smash Bros Deluxe Black Friday 2015 deals now live

After months of relentless anticipation, Black Friday 2015 commences in just a few hours and now is the time for you to purchase the gadgets that you’be been long lasting for and concurrently stay under budget.

Besides smartphones and tablets, video gaming console manufacturers are known for delivering some jaw-dropping deals during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping seasons. More specifically, we were the first that broke the story about Sony cutting the price of the PlayStation 4 ahead of Black Friday.

Besides the world known PlayStation and Xbox – which I love – video gaming consoles line-ups, Nintendo’s counterpart, the Wii U, has been doing really well the last few months, as it has managed to enter a substantial number of households this year.


With that in mind, Nintendo couldn’t just say no to offering its flagship video gaming console for a better price tag, hence the Wii U bundle that comes with Splatoon and Super Smash Bro video games will set you back only $249,99 (items that are also included in the box: GamePad, AC Adapters for Wii U and GamePad and High-Speed HDMI Cable).

Prior to the particular shopping season, the bundle at hand, which is amongst the top selling in the market, could be purchased for around $300. Therefore, a $50 price drop is quite the charm and should not go unnoticed.

The said deal is available on Walmart, which also offers a 3-year warranty for an additional $28 or 4 years for a $37 fee.

Moreover, in case the aforementioned bargain is gone, we also found the specific bundle on ToysRUs retailer for $279,99, which obviously does not sound that exciting, though you will be saving $20 whatsoever, which is better than ultimately buying the device for the original $300 price tag. In addition, the shop offers a 2-year protection plan for an extra $79,99.

The sale in both retailers is accompanied by the convenience that is free shipping. It is the black edition with 32GB of internal storage.

Are you planning on picking up the Wii U Splatoon and Super Smash Bros Delux Set bundle? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Walmart, ToysRUs.

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