Apple Inc. iPhone 8 SPECS RUMOR says it will feature Samsung OLED display

A new report published by The Korean Times has surfaced online suggesting that Apple and Samsung has gotten in talks about future cooperation for upcoming iPhone model display. It hasn’t been three months since the latest additions to the iPhone line-up were unveiled, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and the internet is being flooded with … Read more

Apple Inc. revenue could surge up to US$2.4 BILLION thanks to the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is Apple’s largest and one of the priciest tablets that the company possesses and it is also the first one that has been built under a professional use concept. Analysts are forecasting that the certain product will increase Apple’s annuity by as much as $2.4 billion. RBC Capital Markets analysts led by … Read more

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook to retrain Apple Store managers: Will it make them LESS RACISTS though?

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook issued an official statement forwarded to all Apple employees regarding the incident that took place in Australia. The unfortunate event involved a group of high school students of Somalian and Sudanese origin, who were asked to leave their local Apple Store from the respective employees. The latter justified the reason of their action … Read more

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs rumor says it will SQUIRT water from speaker ports

Apple Inc. has filed in an iPhone 7 potentially-related patent to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, regarding a new technology that protects the speaker ports of the handset from any possible water damage. This is the second time we hear about a patent filing from Apple this week concerning a potential iPhone 7 feature. The … Read more