Millennials Say That Corruption is the Biggest Worry

Millennial of other countries including India can’t trust robots on making decisions on their behalf. This includes the most burning national problems for them—inequality and corruption. An international studied showed the result this week.

Apart from all this, change in climate is also one of the major issues and their largest international anxiety for the 3rd year consecutively, displayed the study performed by Geneva-based World Economic Forum (WEF). Over 31,000 millennials aged from 18 to 35 from more than 180 nations, comprising India, took part in the Global Shapers Annual Survey 2017 on economy, technology, career, values, and governance, the WEF claimed to the media in a statement.

Millennials Say That Corruption is the Biggest Worry

It also claimed that more than 78% young individuals might welcome migrants in their own neighborhood. “Inequality, corruption, and lack of economic and career opportunities are seen as the most imperative national problems by millennials all over the globe,” it claimed. Amongst other results, 74% noticed that technology is making more jobs instead of destroying them, comparatively, but a bulk of 51% respondents strongly opposed or disagreed when asked if they might trust moves carried out on their behalf by a robot.

Displaying that enthusiasm of young people for tech has restrictions, 44% refused the thought of having an implant to elevate their abilities in their skin. When asked about if they might support rights for robots and humanoid, the most admired reaction was “No” (50%). The “Yes” response choice had just 14% while 36% selected “Maybe.” The U.S. came out as the leading destination of young individuals seeking to move forward their career, followed by the U.K., Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, and the Netherlands.

A huge bulk of young individuals claimed that they are eager to stay outside their nation of residence so as to advance their career or find a job (81%). For the 3rd year consecutively, the U.S. stayed on the top, discovered the survey that was performed from March 31, 2017, to June 30, 2017. On the most serious problems impacting the world, the most respondents claimed that it was change in climate, followed by huge-scale war or conflict.

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