5 Simple Tips for Marketing on Instagram

Having over 700 million active users each month, Instagram has able to gain the strong confidence of marketers for reaching the hundreds of various demographics as users posted up to 95 million pictures or videos every day.

While looking at the trends of the social media during last year, the marketing space at Instagram got filled with the new companies and their brands at the continuous pace.

Yes, the platform got crowded. It requires more efficient and innovative strategy to accomplish such results which you want from your marketing.

Here are some top tips which you need to adopt for making your marketing campaigns successful on Instagram:

Get to know the hashtag culture:

The difference amid the Instagram hashtags and the branded hashtags can aid you to organize your profiles and devote your focus to the multiple topics. The universal hashtags like those which correlate with the days, are few of the highly used hashtags on Instagram. They offer the ideal chance to enhance the emotions, nostalgia, mood and other features.

By using the general hashtags, you can get help to find the products and unique posts. It helps in updating the trending tags linked with the content for the getting the chance to have seen them thousands of times in a minute.

Get your photos enhanced:

You will get a lot of likes and shares if the photos you share are properly enhanced. There are many quick and convenient methods to improve your photo albums.

You can use the app VSCO Cam for brightening and enhancing the photos. This app offers the edit tool and the filters for making your pictures more attractive and amazing.

Although the Instagram presently supports the non-square picture, the square photos are still the best. With the help of tool name InstaSize, you can select the photo and vary its scale as you want it to be.

Make use of the text overlaying on the photos:

By sharing the generic photos which don’t link your company, is like missing an opportunity. Most of the marketers choose the generic media as their brands or products are not inherently visual.

Rather than creating messages, designs and graphics which inform users about anything valuable can quote anything related to your company, or by making an announcement related to the new products, events or contests.

For instance, the Instagram account of the Huffington Post utilizes the graphics for sharing the quote from a storyline or for starting the long conversation in comments and leading to the broad use of hashtags.

Make documentation of your events from end to end

If you are going to release any product, you can hold a conversational engagement with your audience or anything like that by which you want people to become excited about sharing your content with other Instagram users.

For instance, by posting a short clip or a video teaser for your upcoming event or product can generate the excitement among people, which can help you to build the strong momentum for attracting users with very little effort.

A much easier approach of gathering a large number of followers on your account is to use simple Instagram tools like Vibbi, which gives you an opportunity to buy Instagram likes and a massive follower base for your account.

You can take one step ahead by sharing the photos about the preparation of the certain event, to display the work done behind the scenes which go into the setup, and can post-release the cleanup.

Get the opinions of your followers

Once you achieve the targeted number of followers on the Instagram by various ways or by buying them through tools like Vibbi, you need to make them stay. And for this, you need to generate the strategic ideas and keep them intact, so that they remain integrated and interactive with your company.

People love to make comments or review about various products, and it creates a healthy environment of your account to share views and opinions made by your followers or customers about your brand.


Instagram is one of the rapidly expanding social networks in recent times and has grown to 700 million active users. In spite of the conventional ways, it is not just brand making. You can catch the real influence of your company by putting it under the spotlight. Follow the simple tips and always try to be strategic for maximizing the resources which you spend on social platforms.

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