New User Tool Aids in Fighting Harassment on Twitter

Especially over the past year, levels of harassment have reached a fevered pitch. Although executives with Twitter have taken some action, they are now providing users with a new tool that will have a significant impact. Unfortunately, Twitter, among other social media sites, have done poorly when it comes to policing content. Advocates have been … Read more

Record Labels Unhappy With Apple Music Contracts

A number of record labels have been vocally protesting the contracts that Apple is requiring for the record labels to participate in the company’s Apple Music venture. The record labels say that Apple is requiring conditions that would harm the record labels financially while reducing the amount that Apple pays to stream their music. The … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Software Flaw Lets Hackers Listen In

A recently found software flaw affecting Samsung Galaxy smartphones could allow a determined hacker to listen in on your phone calls. According to a report from U.S. based security firm NowSecure, the software flaw was found in the devices’ pre-installed SwiftKey keyboard predictive text technology. As many as 600 million Samsung Galaxy smartphones may be … Read more

IBM Pours Money Into Big Data

IBM has announced that the company will be investing a considerable sum of money into a new open-source project for real-time data analysis called Apache Spark. IBM plans to have more than 3,500 developers and researchers working on projects related to the Spark technology and open a Spark technology center in San Francisco. Academic and … Read more

Did The St. Louis Cardinals Hack The Houston Astros?

Did the St. Louis Cardinals hack into the secure network of the Houston Astros and steal valuable player information? An inquiry by the Federal Bureau of Investigation aims to answer that question. Hacking into the internal networks of a rival team to steal closely guarded player and personnel information is a definite no-no in the … Read more

Hacking Confirmed for Popular Password Management Tool

Joe Siegrist, CEO and Co-founder of LastPass, the company behind highly popular password management tools announced it has been hacked. In a statement just released, Siegrist confirmed via the company blog that breach on its system was detected by the LastPass team. As part of notifying the community, he explained that suspicious activity on the … Read more

Adobe Finally Launches Android Photoshop Applications

After much anticipation, Android users can finally enjoy the benefits of Adobe’s Photoshop Mix and Shape CC, along with Brush CC and Color CC. The core of Adobe’s mobile applications has finally been released, which is now available on Google Play Store. Starting today, all four of these applications are available for people who use … Read more

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015: Its All Fun And Games

Thousands of gamers and fans descended on Los Angeles for video gaming’s largest convention: the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the trade group that organizes E3, has made the event into the video game industry’s biggest annual conference. Microsoft, Nintendo and Electronic Arts are some of the biggest … Read more

SpaceX Announces Future Hyperloop Pod Races

SpaceX, Elon Musk’s rocket company, has announced that it will be holding Hyperloop pod races at its headquarters in California next year, according to a report by NBC News. The competition is the next step in the company’s high-speed transit concept. Information about the competition has been posted on the SpaceX Hyperloop Web site. The … Read more

Phree Smart Pen Making a Big Impression

Although the concept is not new, there is a new player in the arena of digital pens known as Phree. With this pen, an individual can document and share a digital copy of a note, scribble, or drawing regardless of surface. Developed in Israel, when Phree is paired with a smartphone, the need for a … Read more