Free Recovery Software is here to save you from the data loss


In the present age, the dependency of man has increased on the technology. All our work from business to medical and educational institutes has been shifted to the computers and Smart devices. However, at the end, machinery can never be perfect and we often have to face the dreadful results of the data loss.

Causes of data loss

Following are some of the major causes of data loss:


21% of our data is often lost due to the failure of hardware, system crash, power failure, and unsaved data loss. It also consists of operating system corruption and the database corruption.

Unintentional actions:

It is the major cause of data loss. 44% of the data is lost due to mistaken deletion or misplacement of the files. System hacking and computer virus are also the causes.

Intentional actions:

Hardware formation and the intentional deletion of files cause 32% of the data loss.


The natural environmental factors like earthquake, thunderstorm, tornado, fires, floods etc cause 3% of the data loss.

In all such cases of data loss, there is only one miraculous recovery software that can help you.


 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 10.2

Technology being the cause of our data loss has also provided a way to handle the situations. The free recovery software will help you in this case of need and will be the savior of all your lost data.  Developed with such tech-support that it can recover data from any platform in a matter of seconds.


The EaseUS data recovery Wizard is equipped with the bootable media that will enhance the strength of recovery process. In addition, the intuitive interaction UI will make the process of file filtration very easy that makes it work quickly.  You will find the following specifications in this free recovery software:

Hardware and system requirements:

This software has been equipped to recover your data from any type of operating system whether it is windows 10 or the window server 2003. The CPU should be with x86 and the RAM with minimum 128 MB memory. To install this recovery software you only need a drive space of 32 MB.


It is able to support a variety of languages.

Data loss scenarios:

It can support the following types of data recovery:

  • Deleted file recovery
  • Raw and unformatted data recovery
  • Partition recovery

Devices supported:

It can support all types of storage devices whether they are external or internal.

Types of file recovery:

It can recover all format of following types of files:

  • Documents
  • Graphics
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Email
  • Many more


With the simple three-step process of launch, scan and recover The EaseUS data recovery Wizard will be the best companion for your storage devices. Therefore, there will be no fear of the boss when you have this free recovery software to save at the times of needs. Download it now because I am sure you will love this recovery software.

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